Finally Detached University

Learn our complete Self-Healing with Psilocybin protocol and cut out the middlemen!

learn how to reprogram, rewire, and reboot your mind for anything you want with psilocybin and advanced mindfulness techniques.

  • 1-on-1 Psilocybin Sessions
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Intimate Coaching Experience
  • Accredited Program

Hi, I'm Rev. Gabriel Castillo.
I created Finally Detached University for people just like you...

​The journey started after the transition of a close friend. This catalyzed the deep dive journey into understanding energy, during which I began shedding layers of myself. This voyage of inner discovery is how he gained my formal education as a Certified Facilitator in Mindfulness/Meditation, Law Of Attraction Coach, Yoga Therapist,
Hypnotherapist, Sound Healing Practitioner, & Psychedelic Guide and Initiated Curandero. Now I work specifically with the mushroom & mindpower techniques to open deeper channels for those who are ready to receive it!